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The companies of Universal Forest Products comprise the nation's leading manufacturers and distributors of wood and wood-alternative products to retail/dealer, site-built construction, manufactured housing and industrial markets. Our product lines include pressure-treated lumber, composite decking and railing, fencing, dimensional lumber, trusses, wall panels, engineered wood products, industrial packaging and concrete forming products. Started in 1955 and headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, with facilities throughout North America, Universal is a multi-billion dollar company serving the... read more

It's Time To Elevate Your Gardens

2' x 4' Elevated garden planter. Other styles available.   The experts form Outdoor Essentials want to help you go from landscaping to their version of yardscaping; that is, from the expensive maintenance of traditional lawns to creating outdoor spaces that require less money and effort, but are more aesthetically pleasing and functional.   Our last post explained how landscape rocks make a yard more interesting and easier to maintain, while hiding unseemly areas. Another way to add interest, color and functionality to a yard is with raised garden beds and planters. Planters differ from raised... read more

Begin "Yardscaping" With Landscape Rocks

Landscape rock in yard.   If your yard is wearing you and your wallet thin, it might be a good time to graduate from landscaping to yardscaping; that is, from the expensive and old-fashioned maintenance of grass, flowers and trees … to creating outdoor spaces that require less money and effort, but are more aesthetically pleasing, functional and – often – more environmentally friendly.   Welcome to Outdoor Essentials’ version of yardscaping 101. Over the next few blog posts, the team from Outdoor Essentials will share a few ways to create a yardscape that is easy on the budget and requires... read more

Tips For Better Gardening From The Outdoor Essentials Experts

  The products from Outdoor Essentials not only produce more aesthetically appealing gardens, they make them easier to maintain. We want you to get the most out of your garden, with the least amount of effort.   In that vein, the experts from Outdoor Essentials have compiled the following tips to help improve your gardening enjoyment – and your yields.   1. Determine your area’s early plantings. Typically, good early plantings include brassicas, a family of plants that includes kale, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and cabbages.  Other cool season crops include radishes, beets, peas,... read more

Community garden for local food bank gets help from UFP Windsor

Photo: The finished garden.   When The Home Depot in Thornton, Colo., helped sponsor the construction of a community garden in the neighboring town of Northglenn, our affiliate in Windsor, Colorado (UFP Windsor, LLC) stepped up to help. The City of Northglenn donated a plot of land and our Windsor operations provided discounted products to construct raised garden beds. Then, on April 26, some 60 volunteers, including 30 students from two nearby schools organizing the event, came together to build the garden beds, a fountain and an outdoor classroom.   The community is to hold a ribbon-cutting... read more

Universal Forest Products Affiliates Launch UFP-Edge

                              Universal Forest Products affiliates launch UFP-Edge, premium pattern, fascia and trim   Made from top-quality lumber using state-of-the art equipment and processes   Locally manufactured and sold, providing significant quality assurances       RIVERSIDE, CALIF., JULY 22, 2013 – Answering demand for premium profile products that are backed by the assurances that come from being manufactured in the region, Universal Forest Products affiliates have launched UFP-Edge: superior pattern, fascia and trim products made and sold exclusively in the Western United States.  ... read more

Abaco offers new ways to add tropical hardwood to deck railing

Abaco is offering some cool, new products like hardwood railing kits. Coming from this leader in tropical hardwood decking, you know they have to be good. And they are - they're easy to install and give homeowners several ways to incorporate the warm look and durability of tropical hardwood into their deck railings.   With Abaco's Moulded Railing Kit, homeowners can add railings and balusters made entirely of tropical hardwoods, creating a simple, uniform look.     With Abaco's Face-Mount 2x4 Railing Kit, they can add top and bottom railings made of tropical hardwood and mix them with... read more

Aljoma Lumber to showcase the best in siding and decking at 2013 FBMA Convention

If you're heading to the annual convention of the Florida Building Materials Association (FBMA), don't miss the great new products that will only be on display at the Aljoma Lumber booth # 506.   Aljoma, a leading distributor of building materials in Florida and the Caribbean, will showcase some of the industry's most advanced siding and decking products, including Trap-Loc Siding, which can withstand harsh hurricane conditions while using fewer fasteners. It's a game-changer. Come see for yourself.     Aljoma also will exhibit its line of Abaco tropical hardwood decking products. Why Abaco?... read more

Today Only Deal At HomeDepot.com

The Home Depot will feature one of Universal Forest Products’s products on it’s website today as its “Special Buy of the Day”.  This is a new first for UFP.   For one day only, a knock-down work table produced by UFP Riverside, LLC is the retailer’s featured “Special Buy of the Day” via Home Depot's daily email blast and in a dedicated section of HomeDepot.com.  The table normally retails for $82 but is being offered for $59.99 online. It is featured all day today, but only available while supplies last. Get yours here.  read more

Universal Forest Products To Introduce PreBuck — Innovative Manufacturer of Parapet Caps, Window and Door Framing Systems and Sill Plate Installation — at the World of Concrete in Las Vegas

  Entrepreneur Brett Schlosser has so many ideas, they’re practically bursting out of his head. So much so, he’s on the verge of single-handedly ushering in a construction revolution. UFP is proudly hosting Schlosser’s company, PreBuck, at the World of Concrete show in Las Vegas in February to help debut his engineering innovations and introduce his advances to a much wider audience than the fans he’s already garnered throughout the greater Grand Rapids, MI area. PreBuck’s parapet caps, window and door framing systems, and “wet set” sill plate installation all focus on combining strength and... read more

New Blog Coming and Simplify Your Life

It's August already, and the first week of the month is National Simplify Your Life week. We thought it would be a great time to announce our new Lifestyle Blog to be introduced this month with our new blogger, Denise Cripps. We already share stories around decking, construction, energy savings and more, but thought we could round it out with the addition of some lifestyle stories on how to enjoy these things and how they may affect your everyday life or style perspective.  To give you a taste of what's to come, Denise wrote the following story in honor of National Simplify Your Live Week.... read more

Radiant barrier installation made easy

Enerflex makes radiant barrier installation easy for both DIYer and professional installers. Radiant barrier insulation is becoming increasingly popular as people learn how it will block the sun’s heat and create a more comfortable home. And as radiant barriers become more popular for environmentally friendly construction, more varieties become available. Although many radiant barrier products are nominally sound, they don’t come close to matching the installation ease of Enerflex Radiant Barrier. Unlike most radiant barrier foil, Enerflex doesn’t require prep work at all. Simply flex the... read more

Why install radiant barrier in your attic?

Installing radiant barrier foil in your attic reduces energy use.Traditional insulation doesn’t prevent radiant heat transfer. After traditional insulation absorbs as much heat as able, excess heat fills the space around it and makes its way down into the living areas. This increases energy use—and utility bills. Enerflex Radiant Barrier foil (metallic film) is easy to install. And it’s able to block as much as 96 percent of the sun’s radiant heat that your roof surface absorbs, for cool results including ample energy savings and a 30-degree drop in attic temperature. This brief video clip... read more

What is a Radiant barrier and how does Radiant Barrier insulation work?

As more attention is paid to reducing home energy and increasing green building, radiant barrier insulation is spending time in the limelight, especially in hot climates throughout the U.S. like Texas, California, Georgia, North Carolina, Florida and Arizona. But what in the heck is a radiant barrier — and why should radiant barrier installation be at the top of your home improvement project list?Enerflex radiant barrier and other radiant barrier insulation are made from metalized film or foil materials that reflect the sun’s radiant heat when installed in an attic space. Do radiant barriers... read more

Accoya-clad home wins awards in green housing competition

The University of Florida recently entered their Project RE:FOCUS home in the Solar Decathlon Europe 2010 competition in Madrid Spain. The Project RE:Focus home blended innovative architecture with sustainable materials to create a zero-energy home. With a nod to Cracker House design prevalent in the late 19th century Florida, the Project RE:Focus home used innovative Accoya® wood solar screens to control solar gain in the home. The Accoya wood screens were supplied and machined to spec by Universal Forest Products. A unique feature of the Accoya solar screens is its ability to appear as a... read more

Warm Up Winter With Wood Fuel Pellets

Wood fuel pellets are an eco-friendly product, providing a reliable and efficient option for home heating. With lower temperatures and thinning wallets, Universal Forest Products has the solution for your pellet stove fuel needs: Super-premium wood fuel pellets by Rocky Mountain Pellet Company. Wood fuel heating pellets are a great alternative fuel source for homes and businesses. Heat from wood stove pellets is a carbon neutral, environmentally-friendly heat source that reduces greenhouse emissions, while at the same time providing exceptional comfort. Use of wood pellet heat is on the rise... read more

Universal Forest Products is the nation's leading manufacturer and distributor of wood and wood-alternative products to the retail building materials, industrial packaging/components, manufactured housing, residential construction and commercial construction & concrete forming markets.