It's Time To Elevate Your Gardens

2' x 4' Elevated garden planter. Other styles available.   The experts form Outdoor Essentials want to help you go from landscaping to their version of yardscaping; that is, from the expensive maintenance of traditional lawns to creating outdoor spaces that require less money and effort, but are more aesthetically pleasing and functional.   Our last post explained how landscape rocks make a yard more interesting and easier to maintain, while hiding unseemly areas. Another way to add interest, color and functionality to a yard is with raised garden beds and planters. Planters differ from raised... read more

Universal delivers as a top supplier of dimensional lumber, custom concrete forms

Universal Forest Products delivers all of your concrete forming product needs coast-to-coast from California and Texas on to the shores of Virgina ...and straight to your job site. Direct from our lumberyards or from the mill, we'll provide you with the forming products that help you take form—pour after pour. Whether it's a run-of-the-mill forming project or a custom job, UFP is here to help you and your project look good. Our team of product experts will work with you to fulfill your needs on time and within budget. UFP's wide range of innovative concrete forming products is just right for... read more

Why do concrete slabs curl or warp?

Concrete slabs curl due to the effects of temperature variation between opposing surfaces of the slab. Concrete slabs may curl when the top surface of the slab is cooler than the bottom surface. The cool surface shortens due to thermal shrinkage, which may deform the perimeter of the slab section upward as the temperature of the bottom surface of the slab stays at a higher temperature. On the other hand, the top surface will expand when it is heated (such as with intense sunlight), which may relax curling or cause reverse curling. Reverse curling is when the concrete slab deforms... read more

EZdowel load transfer system meets new 2010 ACI 360 guidelines

The 2010 ACI 360 Guide to Design of Slabs on Ground has been released and, as in the past, the guide becomes the primary design and product specification tool for architects, designers, owners and contractors. Making sure that your project meets the new guidelines is critical - especially from a liability standpoint. When issues occur on a concrete floor or pavement, and litigation is the means to settle differences, the ACI 360 document becomes very important, as it will be the standard that legal consul and expert witnesses refer to. What if your project does not meet the new guidelines? How... read more

Industrial concrete forming options save time at the jobsite

On the job site, the old adage "time is money" has never been more true than it is today. With crews looking to trim costs at every turn, they also want to deliver a quality product. When your job calls for it, Universal Forest Products has a wide variety of concrete forming options to maximize your crew's performance.UFP offers dimensional lumber, panels, engineered wood products, plated trusses and beam sides. And because we operate our own fleet of trucks, we'll deliver your forming material on time to your job site in full or partial truckloads.Our concrete forming dimensional wood is... read more

Natural looking dock options

If you're thinking about having a new dock built or are about to replace an existing dock, then consider two popular types of decking material—natural lumber decking and composite lumber decking. Each type of dock / deck building material has it's own unique benefits, and each has passed the test of time in unforgiving elements.   Natural Lumber Decking Pressure-treated wood decking is a great option for a tighter budget. The classic look of wood gives a more rustic feel, and can be stained or painted to match virtually any color scheme. Pressure-treated decking can be notched for installation... read more

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