Abaco To Show At JLC Live This Weekend!

  JLC LIVE is no ordinary trade show. Which is why it’s a PERFECT place for Abaco Decking—because Abaco is no ordinary product.   Abaco will be at JLC LIVE tomorrow and Friday (March 22 and 23), Booth # 1320, and we’ll be building mini-decks so you can see all of its great benefits. Abaco is an environmentally friendly, exotic wood deck that naturally resists rot, decay and termites and is highly resistant to splintering and other problems.   We’ll show you how beautiful and durable it is. We’ll show you how easy it is to put together using the  Pro Plug® System. We’ll talk about our Class-A... read more

Dallas Architect Identifies Key Factors that Constitute a Green, Sustainable Home – Promotes Radiant Barrier

Recently a highly acclaimed architectural firm in Texas published an article that helps identify ways for new and existing homeowners to make their dwelling "green friendly". Gary Gene Olp, Founder and President of GGO Architects outlines steps to becoming energy efficient. Olp and his firm promotes green and energy savings by installing a radiant barrier in the attic. Read on!Dallas - Sustainability and energy efficiency have become significant selling factors during the home-buying and home-building process. In honor of Earth Day, Gary Gene Olp, Founder and President of GGO Architects,... read more

How to handle and store tropical hardwood decking

Tropical hardwood decking, such as Ipe decking and Abaco decking from Aljoma Lumber, should be stored out of direct sunlight and be allowed to acclimate and stabilize to the installation environment's humidity level prior to installing. Once Ipe or Abaco decking is delivered to a job site, be sure to keep the material off the ground by placing a few pieces of scrap lumber under the deck package. Cover the material with a tarp to protect it from the elements (sun and rain). If left uncovered, unfinished or unprotected, virtually any exotic hardwood decking may warp and split. About Abaco... read more

Save energy, reduce utility bills with an easy to install radiant barrier product

Saving money around the house continues to be a major pursuit for homeowners nationwide. And with a focus on “going green”, savvy homeowners are looking for ways to cut energy use to reduce utility bills and their home’s carbon footprint.There are dozens of ways to curb energy use around the home. Sealing drafts by applying caulk and weather-stripping around windows and doors, and applying foam sealer around drafty outlets and piping leading outside can save up to 5 percent on heating costs alone. Most important, installing the proper amount of attic insulation with the proper airflow... read more

Block high utility bills with radiant barrier insulation

If you’re remodeling an older home, there are many options for updating with green principles in mind. Indoor air quality, water conservation and sustainable building products are considerations when planning an environmentally friendly home. If you’re looking for the biggest bottom-line and long-term effect, let reduced energy consumption lead the way for your remodel.In warmer months, air conditioning is a leading cause of increased utility bills. In hot weather, roof shingles absorb the sun’s heat—which in turn heats up the sheathing below and radiates heat toward the floor or the attic. To... read more

Go Green – Energy Efficiency in Your Home

Eco-friendly building materials, like Energy Star certified radiant barrier foil and insulation among others, are proven to make a dramatic impact on lowering utility bills by reducing attic heat in the summer and retaining heat in the winter. Adding the proper amount of attic insulation along with installing the best radiant barrier to your home or facility will make a major difference in any climate. These days, radiant barrier insulation is a hot topic due to its ability to help homeowners save on overwhelming energy costs, especially in the hot southern climates. read more

Choose the best concrete wet curing system, choose UltraCure

UltraCure wet curing blankets provide thorough hydration, less discoloration and a more evenly cured slab. Unlike other blankets, which tend to dry out after three or four days, UltraCure's natural cellulose fabric provides constant hydration and maintains a 100% relative humidity condition on the concrete slab for the required curing period.Strength/Hardness: The longer 100% humidity is maintained during the cure, the more likely the concrete will reach its potentialstrength and hardness, and resist efflorescence.Abrasion Resistance: The longer 100% humidity is maintained during the cure, the... read more

EZ Cover — the best in concrete surface protection

Take concrete protection to the next level with EZ Cover. EZ Cover’s ability to breath, allowing green concrete to continue to cure and harden is definitely one of its greatest assets. Two unique advantages this concrete and floor protection blanket has over other floor protection fabric are spill absorption and great impact resistance. In fact, test results show a 24”, 15 lb pipe wrench dropping from a height of 10’ resulted in no damage to concrete protected with EZ Cover. In another test, a 2”, 20 lb steel pipe dropped from 20’ resulted in minimal impact damage to the surface protected with... read more

Simple steps for cleaning a wood deck

Cleaning a pressure treated wood deck properly is pretty simple, but make sure you follow the basic steps outlined below. Following these steps will ensure the surface is cleaned properly to help bring out the natural beauty of the wood.Maintain a healthy looking deck by cleaning and sealing it periodically will defend the surface against the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays, water from snow, rain and dew. This is especially true with untreated wood.Tools and chemicals used to clean a wood deck include:• Broom• Hose with spray nozzle• Power washer (wide fan nozzle-40 to 60 degree tip) • Stiff... read more

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