Abaco offers new ways to add tropical hardwood to deck railing

Abaco is offering some cool, new products like hardwood railing kits. Coming from this leader in tropical hardwood decking, you know they have to be good. And they are - they're easy to install and give homeowners several ways to incorporate the warm look and durability of tropical hardwood into their deck railings.   With Abaco's Moulded Railing Kit, homeowners can add railings and balusters made entirely of tropical hardwoods, creating a simple, uniform look.     With Abaco's Face-Mount 2x4 Railing Kit, they can add top and bottom railings made of tropical hardwood and mix them with... read more

Dallas Architect Identifies Key Factors that Constitute a Green, Sustainable Home – Promotes Radiant Barrier

Recently a highly acclaimed architectural firm in Texas published an article that helps identify ways for new and existing homeowners to make their dwelling "green friendly". Gary Gene Olp, Founder and President of GGO Architects outlines steps to becoming energy efficient. Olp and his firm promotes green and energy savings by installing a radiant barrier in the attic. Read on!Dallas - Sustainability and energy efficiency have become significant selling factors during the home-buying and home-building process. In honor of Earth Day, Gary Gene Olp, Founder and President of GGO Architects,... read more

Save energy, reduce utility bills with an easy to install radiant barrier product

Saving money around the house continues to be a major pursuit for homeowners nationwide. And with a focus on “going green”, savvy homeowners are looking for ways to cut energy use to reduce utility bills and their home’s carbon footprint.There are dozens of ways to curb energy use around the home. Sealing drafts by applying caulk and weather-stripping around windows and doors, and applying foam sealer around drafty outlets and piping leading outside can save up to 5 percent on heating costs alone. Most important, installing the proper amount of attic insulation with the proper airflow... read more

Block high utility bills with radiant barrier insulation

If you’re remodeling an older home, there are many options for updating with green principles in mind. Indoor air quality, water conservation and sustainable building products are considerations when planning an environmentally friendly home. If you’re looking for the biggest bottom-line and long-term effect, let reduced energy consumption lead the way for your remodel.In warmer months, air conditioning is a leading cause of increased utility bills. In hot weather, roof shingles absorb the sun’s heat—which in turn heats up the sheathing below and radiates heat toward the floor or the attic. To... read more

Installation of radiant barrier made easy

Both DIYer and professional installers will find installation of Enerflex Radiant Barrier products to be simple and easy—no special tools required.As people learn how radiant barrier insulation blocks the sun’s heat to create a more comfortable and energy-efficient home, use of radiant barrier products will become more popular. With radiant barriers becoming more common in environmentally-friendly construction, additional advancements and variations will become available. Most radiant barrier products are nominally sound but they don’t match the ease of installation found with Enerflex Radiant... read more

Radiant barrier installation made easy

Enerflex makes radiant barrier installation easy for both DIYer and professional installers. Radiant barrier insulation is becoming increasingly popular as people learn how it will block the sun’s heat and create a more comfortable home. And as radiant barriers become more popular for environmentally friendly construction, more varieties become available. Although many radiant barrier products are nominally sound, they don’t come close to matching the installation ease of Enerflex Radiant Barrier. Unlike most radiant barrier foil, Enerflex doesn’t require prep work at all. Simply flex the... read more

Warm Up Winter With Wood Fuel Pellets

Wood fuel pellets are an eco-friendly product, providing a reliable and efficient option for home heating. With lower temperatures and thinning wallets, Universal Forest Products has the solution for your pellet stove fuel needs: Super-premium wood fuel pellets by Rocky Mountain Pellet Company. Wood fuel heating pellets are a great alternative fuel source for homes and businesses. Heat from wood stove pellets is a carbon neutral, environmentally-friendly heat source that reduces greenhouse emissions, while at the same time providing exceptional comfort. Use of wood pellet heat is on the rise... read more

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