Universal delivers as a top supplier of dimensional lumber, custom concrete forms

Universal Forest Products delivers all of your concrete forming product needs coast-to-coast from California and Texas on to the shores of Virgina ...and straight to your job site. Direct from our lumberyards or from the mill, we'll provide you with the forming products that help you take form—pour after pour. Whether it's a run-of-the-mill forming project or a custom job, UFP is here to help you and your project look good. Our team of product experts will work with you to fulfill your needs on time and within budget. UFP's wide range of innovative concrete forming products is just right for... read more

Radiant barriers and insulation – how do they differ?

Both traditional insulation and radiant barriers reduce the amount of heat conveyed into the attic of a home. But they do it in two distinct ways. Insulation slows convection, which is heat transfer due to air movement. Plus, the fibers in the insulation prevent the transfer of heat through the spaces in the insulation. By contrast, a radiant barrier such as Enerflex blocks heat transfer that radiates across an open air space. When discussing the effectiveness of insulation, R-value is the measurement used but there is no such rating for radiant barrier. Radiant barriers and insulation – how... read more

EZdowel load transfer system meets new 2010 ACI 360 guidelines

The 2010 ACI 360 Guide to Design of Slabs on Ground has been released and, as in the past, the guide becomes the primary design and product specification tool for architects, designers, owners and contractors. Making sure that your project meets the new guidelines is critical - especially from a liability standpoint. When issues occur on a concrete floor or pavement, and litigation is the means to settle differences, the ACI 360 document becomes very important, as it will be the standard that legal consul and expert witnesses refer to. What if your project does not meet the new guidelines? How... read more

Universal Forest Products is the nation's leading manufacturer and distributor of wood and wood-alternative products to the retail building materials, industrial packaging/components, manufactured housing, residential construction and commercial construction & concrete forming markets.