How to wet cure concrete slabs using UltraCure NCF

Unroll the UltraCure NCF™ wet curing blanket (plastic side up) in the widest practical width as soon as the concrete surface has hardened sufficiently to prevent damage when walked on. Sides and end should be lapped at least (3) three inches. Cover the entire concrete floor surface including edges of paving and sidewalks. Immediately repair any holes or tears during curing period using wet cure material and water.Wet the slab-on-grade surface with 1/8” to 1/4” inch of water covering the entire surface area of slab, then slowly unroll the curing blanket onto slab. Once UltraCure NCF has been... read more

Wet curing blankets — the best method for curing concrete

There is no better method of achieving proper cement hydration, reducing discoloration and producing highly wear-resistant concrete floors and slabs than wet curing. The ultimate goal of any wet curing blanket is to maintain a 100% relative humidity condition on the slab surface for the entire curing period. It's easy to see why UltraCure outperforms other methods. UltraCureNCF Wet curing blanket for indoor, outdoor and slab-on-grade applications Features and benefits of UltraCureNCF Full-term indoor/outdoor curing blanket (7-day curing duration) Lightweight. Each 1,600 sq. ft. roll weighs... read more

Choose the best concrete wet curing system, choose UltraCure

UltraCure wet curing blankets provide thorough hydration, less discoloration and a more evenly cured slab. Unlike other blankets, which tend to dry out after three or four days, UltraCure's natural cellulose fabric provides constant hydration and maintains a 100% relative humidity condition on the concrete slab for the required curing period.Strength/Hardness: The longer 100% humidity is maintained during the cure, the more likely the concrete will reach its potentialstrength and hardness, and resist efflorescence.Abrasion Resistance: The longer 100% humidity is maintained during the cure, the... read more

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