Enerflex radiant barrier insulation customer reviews

Enerflex radiant barrier insulation, a highly reflective, double-sided, multilayered material, blocks up to 96% of radiant energy and can be installed in new and existing homes. It installs between rafters to the underside of a roof and on other vertical surfaces in an attic to reduce solar heat gain into the home. It also reduces heat transfer by thermal radiation across the air space between the roof and attic floor, keeping an attic up to 30 degrees cooler. In cool weather, Enerflex helps prevent radiant energy from leaving the home and reduces heat loss, which adds up to significant energy... read more

Architects endorse radiant barrier insulation as a way of using less energy

Insulation may seem a bit basic to be the “key” to anything new, but saving energy through what the architects referred to as “passive” elements—those are the elements which, like insulation, work without using any energy—has not been a priority in building most houses in the last several decades. To maximize the efficiency of the envelope, the building’s main spaces should be oriented to the south, where the sun provides the most natural light and heat and, if there are solar panels, energy. All the architects who spoke emphasized the use of triple-glazed windows as part of the envelope. The... read more

Tips for accessorizing a deck on a budget

Building a deck from scratch or remodeling an existing deck with new railing? There are plenty of ways to make your wood deck or composite wood deck stand out—and it doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg.Here's a short list of cool and unique ways to make your deck area pop without breaking the bank:add unique features to railing with decorative post caps or postcoversincorporate metal or glass baluster infills to your deck railbuilt in bench seatingincorporate deck stone transitionsinstall low-voltage or solar deck lightingplace colorful plants on your deck and stairsincorporate colorful... read more

Landscaping on and around your deck: Make your outdoor living area pop!

Enjoying your deck is definitely a high point of summer. But if you really want to ice the cake and put a big cherry on top, you need great landscaping to go with that awesome deck. Landscaping on and around you deck not only adds to the deck’s visual appeal, it can enhance usability. Many landscaping improvements are easy enough to be done in one weekend. Here are some deck design ideas to create the perfect environment on and around your deck: Planter post caps Made of cast stone, Deckorators’ planter post caps add the charm of flowers and greenery to a deck. Available in copper round... read more

Enerflex radiant barrier qualifies for 2011 government tax credit

Want to save money by reducing utility bills and be more comfortable while doing it? Enerflex radiant barrier—a highly reflective, double-sided, multilayered material that blocks up to 96% of radiant energy when installed in new and existing homes—has qualified for the American Recovery Tax Credit for insulation. This could equate to savings of 10 percent up to $500.Made in America, Enerflex is two layers of tear-resistant foil, laminated and reinforced with a poly scrim for tear and puncture resistance. Double-sided for efficiency, Enerflex offers radiant barrier panels that are precut to 16-... read more

Radiant barriers and insulation – how do they differ?

Both traditional insulation and radiant barriers reduce the amount of heat conveyed into the attic of a home. But they do it in two distinct ways. Insulation slows convection, which is heat transfer due to air movement. Plus, the fibers in the insulation prevent the transfer of heat through the spaces in the insulation. By contrast, a radiant barrier such as Enerflex blocks heat transfer that radiates across an open air space. When discussing the effectiveness of insulation, R-value is the measurement used but there is no such rating for radiant barrier. Radiant barriers and insulation – how... read more

Dallas Architect Identifies Key Factors that Constitute a Green, Sustainable Home – Promotes Radiant Barrier

Recently a highly acclaimed architectural firm in Texas published an article that helps identify ways for new and existing homeowners to make their dwelling "green friendly". Gary Gene Olp, Founder and President of GGO Architects outlines steps to becoming energy efficient. Olp and his firm promotes green and energy savings by installing a radiant barrier in the attic. Read on!Dallas - Sustainability and energy efficiency have become significant selling factors during the home-buying and home-building process. In honor of Earth Day, Gary Gene Olp, Founder and President of GGO Architects,... read more

New deck trends include low maintenance, railing accessories, deck lighting

New deck trends include low maintenance decking, unique railing and railing accessories as well as lighting options. And as the trend for enjoying customized decks and outdoor living space grows, personalized outdoor living areas are the latest in home improvement upgrades.Building or updating an existing deck isn't simply a great investment: It provides opportunities to personalize your backyard or porch and customize the look to your taste. And with many families staying home this summer thanks to high gas pricing and a recovering economy, why not build your perfect area for entertaining?By... read more

Build an outdoor sanctuary with birdbaths, stepping stones and more

When it comes to landscaping, customers want more than wood chips and plastic edging. Products from Outdoor Essentials transform ordinary lawns and gardens into appealing outdoor environments that homeowners love. Show them plenty of options, including Tiffany-style stepping stones and our newest offering—Square Tilestone jade stepping stone.Call in the songbirds with bird baths of serpentine jade. Dress up deck posts with elegant caps, also available in solar-powered versions to provide lighting after dark. Planter post caps provide a place for foliage atop any deck post. Outdoor Essentials... read more

How does a radiant barrier work?

When the sun heats a roof, it's primarily the sun's radiant energy that makes the roof hot. A large portion of this heat travels by conduction through the roofing materials to the attic side of the roof. The hot roof material then radiates its gained heat energy onto the cooler attic surfaces, including the air ducts and the attic floor. Radiant barrier / radiant foil barrier insulation reduces the radiant heat transfer from the underside of the roof to the other surfaces in the attic.A radiant barrier's performance is determined by three factors:Emissivity (or emittance) – the ratio of the... read more

Enerflex Radiant Barrier featured under 101 Best New Products

Professional Remodeler Magazine, a leading business to business remodeling trade publication, has selected Enerflex Radiant Barrier, by Universal Forest products, as one of the best new products for 2010. The 101 Best New Products is an editor's choice award; Enerflex radiant barrier was listed first under the Structural, Insulation and House-wrap category. The 101 Best New Products article is featured in the November 2010 issue of Professional Remodeler magazine.About Enerflex Radiant Barrier InsulationENERGY STAR approved Enerflex radiant foil barrier insulation is a highly reflective,... read more

Post cap deck lights make perfect railing accents

Post cap deck lights are one of the most prominent deck enhancements available. Solar deck lighting accessories highlight the deck posts at the top and bottom of a stair rail and act as both a deck railing ornament and as a source of ambient light for composite lumber decks and treated lumber decks.Solar lighted post caps are much easier to install than wired low voltage deck lights as they do not require an electric outlet. Regardless of power source, both types of post and rail lighting help improve deck safety.Deck post cap lights are typically sold with wood, plastic or metal bases to fit... read more

Accoya-clad home wins awards in green housing competition

The University of Florida recently entered their Project RE:FOCUS home in the Solar Decathlon Europe 2010 competition in Madrid Spain. The Project RE:Focus home blended innovative architecture with sustainable materials to create a zero-energy home. With a nod to Cracker House design prevalent in the late 19th century Florida, the Project RE:Focus home used innovative Accoya® wood solar screens to control solar gain in the home. The Accoya wood screens were supplied and machined to spec by Universal Forest Products. A unique feature of the Accoya solar screens is its ability to appear as a... read more

Bring your deck design ideas to life with the Deck Visualizer deck design software

Create the look of your dream deck in minutes with the latest deck design tool.The sky’s the limit with this new Deck Visualizer deck design software. The Deck Visualizer lets you explore your imagination by selecting from hundreds of decking and railing combinations, designed with two industry-leading brands in mind: Deckorators and Latitudes. Deck Visualizer deck design software lets your imagination take over. Simply select a deck scene, then begin to drag and drop (or click) endless combinations of decking and railing products to create your custom deck design. Along the way to your... read more

Popular products to consider when remodeling your deck

Whether you’re prepping your house for sale or just looking to make a change, nothing lends a splash of the new and different than remodeling or updating your deck. Real estate agents know how popular decks are with prospective buyers and few home renovations will get you a higher return on your investment dollar. And if you’re staying put, a remodeled deck breathes new life into the enjoyment of your home. If you're considering selling your home, check out one of my previous blog posts—How to make your deck and outdoor living area stand out when it's time to sell.Deck Railing IdeasConsider... read more

Wet curing blankets — the best method for curing concrete

There is no better method of achieving proper cement hydration, reducing discoloration and producing highly wear-resistant concrete floors and slabs than wet curing. The ultimate goal of any wet curing blanket is to maintain a 100% relative humidity condition on the slab surface for the entire curing period. It's easy to see why UltraCure outperforms other methods. UltraCureNCF Wet curing blanket for indoor, outdoor and slab-on-grade applications Features and benefits of UltraCureNCF Full-term indoor/outdoor curing blanket (7-day curing duration) Lightweight. Each 1,600 sq. ft. roll weighs... read more

Top decking trends bring the inside out

As the economy starts to come back around, many remodelers and deck builders expect to see a significant up-tick in requests from homeowners who want a new deck or want to update an existing deck to an expansive outdoor living area. Architects, landscape designers and building professionals are among those who typically stay up-to-date with the hottest deck trends.Expansive, multi-feature decksmulti-level decks that allow homeowners to add separate areas for entertainingincorporating unique deck patterns, deck insets, benches, built-in planter boxes and grill kick outs to make an outdoor... read more

Green Versus Sustainable. What’s the Difference?

An iPod, a Lump of Coal, and Replaceable Trees If you look across all the green building standards and product-certification systems, one consensus principle that repeatedly comes up is the use of products that are “sustainable.” A sustainable product lowers pressure on the environment through the use of source materials that are renewable and/or sustainably harvested. The term “sustainably harvested” means the product, or the product’s components, are harvested in a way that doesn’t permanently deplete the source of the material, nor poison or ruin the surrounding area, nor—in detailed... read more

Safeguard your mailbox from snowplows while adding curb appeal

In wintry climates where massive snowplows patrol the streets, it seems like mailboxes are marked with a bull’s eye. At least in my neighborhood in West Michigan, mailboxes appear to be a favorite target for these super-sized snow dispensers. While plow drivers aren’t intentionally trying to dismantle your mailbox, you should consider protecting it nonetheless.   With snow and ice adding up, plows begin their early morning expedition up and down the streets scraping and blasting snow and slush out of the road and into yards and driveways. No matter how well constructed, average mailboxes on... read more

Add a finishing touch to your fence and deck railing

The surge in popularity of outdoor living space has brought many new options to decorate railings, like outdoor lighting, decorative balusters and eye-catching post caps. It’s no surprise virtually every big box retailer, lumber dealer and garden house is stocking many of these unique and affordable add-ons. Ornamental fence and deck post caps help define your area by putting the finishing touch on wood or vinyl fence posts and treated wood or composite wood deck railings. Post caps come in an array of designs and can be multifunctional to accent your outdoor living space and to spruce up your... read more

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